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Health At Every Size

Health At Every Size is a refreshing, real and truthful approach to having a healthy body weight.

Why the Health At Every Size approach?

First let's ask, how successful are DIETS at promoting weight loss?

Our very definition of a diet is to place restrictions on usual eating behavior for some particular goal. Conversely, the Greek word diata means simply, way of life.

Despite years of data demonstrating that "diets" and other medical methods for weight loss do not work and actually cause increased body fat, weight gain and eating disorders, our culture has not diminished enthusiasm for weight loss programs and products (Healthy Weight Journal 1997). There is overwhelming agreement in the health and wellness communities that "diets" do not promote lasting change. The diet industry is just that…an industry, in which consumers spend billions of dollars every year on the "latest" fad which promises to make them thin. Oddly, we're fatter than ever.

Health At Every Size teaches the ten steps to a healthy weight. They may surprise you because they're different for each person! The focus is you and you only. The solutions to your own health are within. The amount of time it takes to achieve and maintain health is determined by each of us individually, but the tools used are provided to you with guidance from the Health At Every Size principles.

When health is your goal, your best body weight and fitness follow.

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